• Immunisation exemptions

Vaccination is obligatory! No exemptions at all! Only medical exemptions are accepted if the pediatrician takes the risk to provide it while the health authorities can take away her/his medical practice running licence. Even if the pediatrician provides an exemption the State Governmental Health Authority has the right to challange it and refuse.


  • Obligatory vaccines:

BCG against tuberculosis                     0-4 weeks old babies in Hospital

Which has been proven ineffective by the WHO Indian study or by a Merck study which says it is maximum 50% effective.

DTPa + IPV + Hib + PCV                     2 Months age in the obligatory pediatrician’s office

DTPa + IPV + Hib                                 3 Months age in the obligatory pediatrician’s office

DTPa + IPV + Hib + PCV –                  4 Months age in the obligatory pediatrician’s office

PCV –                                                       12 Months age  in the obligatory pediatrician’s office

MMR –                                                     15 Months age  in the obligatory pediatrician’s office

DTPa + IPV + Hib –                              18 Months age  in the obligatory pediatrician’s office

DTPa + IPV 6 év –                                  6 Years in the obligatory pediatrician’s office


Vaccination in the school in the absence of the parents by the school doctor:

MMR and dTap                                      11 Years in Grade 6

Hepatitis B                                              12 Years in Grade 7


  • No informed consent!

There is a unique so called Hungaricum system of so called Caring Women countrywide service which has as main job to push vaccines on each baby plus visit families regularly in their homes. The service can not be refused either, it is obligatory! If a person is unsimpathic, even there is no right to ask for someone else.

These caring women make written notifications to families when vaccination is due. The notifications do not contain the commercial name of the vaccine due nor the vaccine inserts are handled over.

Yet at the bottom we need to sign that we have received all kind of information and this signiture acts as proof of informed consent. Which is fake.

If someone does not sign the sheet or refuses vaccination or even just wants to delay it some time, than that person is called an anti-vaccine person, a vaccine deniar!


  • Treatment of vaccine deniars

Multiply sanctions are taken:

  • the Caring Woman has an obligation to report it within 3 days towards the Child Protection Service
  • the Governmental Regional Office orders immediate vaccination by a Decree! The Decree can be fulfilled without right of appeal!
  • the Governmental Regional Office levy a fine penalty which has a maximum amount of 500,000.- HUF/missed vaccine/child (appr. 1,600.-Euros) levied as many times as they want, until the child does not get vaccinated!
  • the Ministry of Human Resources has issued a Professional Directive of Health Provider’s tasks in case of child abuse and neglecting. (2016. EüK. 9. szám EMMI szakmai irányelv (hatályos: 2016.05.31 – )) This Directive is obligatory to follow for everyone. It states that not letting the child to be vaccinated or having the vaccination delayed is a neglection of that child. It also states that not letting the child vaccinated is a mild endangering!

Therefore the Child Protection Service has an obligation to take the child into their system and parents have the obligation to co-operate with them, to agree in everything with them, to let them into their flat or house whenever they want to visit the family to see if no further endangering or neglection is happening and to see if the flat is organized, tidy, clean, there is food in the fridge etc. This procedure can take forever.


  • The Hungarian Ombudsman has declared in his decision AJB-361/2016 on page 13 that if the penalties and other legal steps taken to have the child vaccinated are not enought then the Police assistance can be taken for having the child forcibly vaccinated!
  • The Child Protection Service takes custody of the child and removes the child from the family. An official is named than to represent the child’s rights instead of the parents. This official signes the sheet required by the Caring Woman and the child is forcibly vaccinated but it is not guaranteed that the child is let to return into her/his family. The issue may takes for Years while the family has no right to effective appeal to get the child back.


  • Reporting Side Effects

Parents are not informed who has the right to report side effects. The pediatricians theoritically have an obligation to report them but they juts don’t do it as the Health Authority would start investigating their activity first.

If parents find out how to report to the Country Medicine and Food Health Institute (https://www.ogyei.gov.hu/MELLEKHATAS_BEJELENTES/) then they get an online registration number. The Health Authority officials than do whatever they want to do and at the end they usually state in their report that everything was coincidental! So the information does not reach the side effect’s database. Never. If parents later gather clinical evidence that the vaccine caused the side effect, they have no right to correct the fake report result done by the Health Authority without any phisical examination of the child or without involving the family into the process. So side effects technically do not happen in Hungary.

Farmacovigilance reporting system does not exist, patients know nothing about it.


  • Compensation for damages

In the WHO Bulletin (www.who.int/bulletin/10-081901.pdf) it is stated that Hungary is part of the international compensation program, but all state organizations have denied it.

If a child is damaged then usually it is very hard to prove anything or to gather any kind of state help or compenzation . Civil Law Suit needs to be done against the State but in this case the parents have to prove that the damage happening was caused by the obligatory vaccine. No public information about won cases or anyithing else regarding this issue.


  • Vaccine information other than Vaccines are 100% safe and effective

No chance to inform the Public about anything.

If a doctor or anyone else publishes information which is not 100% telling that vaccines are  effective, needed, safe and have no side effects, than that person is reported to the Medical Chamber which starts a case against that medical person and even has the right to expel the membership which means that the person is not able to do her/his work.