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All parents can agree on, as a parent, you decide whether and when to expose your child to a medical treatment that is associated with risks. If you are a parent who does not want to give away your rights to decide, to decide what is right for you and your family, your children. Then it’s time to act now. If the big pharmaceutical companies through effective lobbying against politicians are allowed to take over the right and decide what medical injections your children will be forced to undergo then we will soon not have anything to say as parents. In the United States, health authorities have already begun pushing for forced drug medication through the drinking water .

Believe it or not, it was about adding statins to the drinking water – a medicine that not only has a lot of serious side effects but also has no real benefits. Men can live 3-4 days longer, women have no positive effect of the drug at all but only get the side effects.


800,000 Swedes eat statins that lower the cholesterol levels (it is 1/10 of the entire population). It is the world’s most sold drug. How can a drug with so many side effects and basically no benefit be sold to so many people, especially when cholesterol is not dangerous, but even useful and vital? It has even been shown that older people with high cholesterol live the longest. Read the book about “Cholesterol Myths” by researcher Uffe Ravnskov and Forskningsfusket (Research Fraud) by associate Professor Ralf Sundberg then you understand how it works. Many people feel they were completely fooled – but the establishment continues in the same track, and doctors continue to prescribe statins – even to women for prevention!

Now, the pharmaceutical industry go for to have free access to your children through the childhood vaccination program.
>> This was how the HPV vaccine was launched into our Swedish childhood vaccination program. The number of vaccines will then only be added. In the United States, the children get over 60 vaccine immunizations before they are 20 years old. In Italy there were 4 compulsory vaccines, now they have just taken the first decision in the senate that it should be 12 vaccines. In France, they are about to introduce 11 compulsory vaccines. In Sweden, we do not yet have compulsory vaccines – although many do not know that it’s voluntarily – and it’s higly lobbed to expanding the childhood vaccination program with additional vaccines. Parliamentarian Barbro Westerholm told one of our members – when Arkelsten’s motion on mandatory vaccination was to be dealt with – that it’s already virtually decided that it should be introduced.” If you do not want the Pharmaceutical companies to have direct access to your children, it’s time to act now and show the world that you’re taking a stand on the issue. Join the demonstration!


Join the movement. It is simple: Change your profile picture on social media to one of those pictures:



This pictures means: The parents have the choice when to give pharmaceuticals with risks to their children
– it´s not the pharmaceutical companies or politicians

Why you should join?

You can make a differens! You can join and change the world to enlighten people so that they have a chance to protect their rights, so that decisions about their children’s health are not overlooked. If you protect your friends’ parental rights, and want them to get this knowledge, then this is a great way to show the world around. Networking in social media can make that the message reach all over the globe – with the speed of the light! Let’s see how far we can achieve by joining this online demonstration! Change your profile picture in order for parents to have a free choice regarding their children’s health.

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