Updates on compulsory vaccines in Italy

In Rome, June 20 the Senate passed a motion saying the government’s vaccine decree making 12 vaccinations compulsory for children age 0-16 was in line with the Italian Constitution.

It was then passed to the Chamber of deputies who started to discuss about it on July 24th. The Senate, one of the two Chambers of the Parliament, is then going to vote about the decree on Tuesday 18th July. If approved, the decree will then pass to the second Chamber that is going to exam it and vote before August 8.

The Senate vote that will take place on Tuesday will be very important because only the Senate is able to block the decree. It is unclear if the Senate will approve it, some senators gave some extraordinary speeches against the decree. There is some concerns that The Chambers of Deputees will approve.


The resistance is overwhelming – it has gathered millions of people in over 50 demonstrations across Italy. Last week a demonstration in Pesaro, central Italy, regrouped 70.000 – 100.000 people and every day people are demonstrating in front of the Parliament in Rome.

All the demonstrations >> http://freedomeurope.net/en/demonstrations/

Today 17 th July the Parlamentarians received NHF Swedens/Freedom Europes open letter in videoformat. We hope the letter will make the decision makers think – and think twice.


Swedish open letter to the Italian Parliament, Senate and Government about the unconstitutional Vaccine Decret

The Italian Vaccine Decret (n 73/2017) is unconstitutional and you must not approve. We will take legal actions against anti democratic Governments that are violating international laws.

Freedom Europe


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