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Around the world and Europe, it is very much lobbying for compulsory vaccination. Even in the Nordic countries, it is largely lobbied to take away parents the right to decide on children’s medication and for mandatory vaccination. The fact that there are a number of laws that politicians violate seem not to worry them at all.


21 June 2017, the senate in Italy voted yes for the vaccine decrete constitutionality. This new law about mandatory vaccinations (n 73/2017)  will force the parents in Italy to vaccinate their children from 0 to 16 years against 12 different diseases, otherwise the children are not allowed in schools, preschools, or day cares. The parents also can face yearly fees up to 7,500 euro for each child and year, or even worse, lose custody and parental rights. Just one or two among twenty regions is officially opposing against the new law.

Those vaccines will be compulsory if the bill is fully accepted

Hepatitis B
Haemophilus influenza B
Meningitis B
Meningitis C
Chicken pox

Italy is the leading country, with Portugal, in GHSA Global  Health Security Agenda. Italy is pushing very hard on vaccines and compulsory vaccines. If they are sucessful in Italy it will soon be pusched on us citizens all over Europe. That´s why you and we all have to act right now. This GHSA also have decided, as goal, that at least 90% of all children will have at least one dose of measles. Measles vaccine is always administred with other vaccines, it does not exist as a monovalent vaccine. In this letter you can read the adverse effects from MMR vaccine Priorix (against measles, mumps and rubella), known from the product leaflet from the vaccine manufacturer (GSK, GlaxoSmithKline). Parents are told that the side effects are few and mild. It’s not true.

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Pharma industry is criminal. GlaxoSmithKline has been fined several times because of the company´s illegal activities. Think twice before you let Big Pharma dictate what to inject in your children. Because in the end, it´s all about money for them, but for you it´s about your childs  health. What if compulsory vaccines are more about financial benefits for the pharma industry than it is about healthcare, and your childs health. If you havn´t investigated vaccines yet – it is about time your do.

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From next year childhood vaccinations against multiple diseases will be mandatory in France. This told the country’s new prime minister Edouard Philippe in his speech to the National Assembly recently. Today only vaccination against three diseases is mandatory: diphtheria, tetanus and polio. From next year, parents have to vaccinate their children against a further eight diseases, including pertussis, hepatitis B and measles. On the 8th of July, the people will go out and demonstrate.

Info Vaccins Frances foto.


The renewed disease control law aims to prevent infectious diseases and the  compulsory vaccination will be applied from March 2018. The new law means that employers in the social-, and health services must ensure that their employees are vaccinated. The staff must be vaccinated if they work with people belonging to a high risk group. People belonging to this high risk group is children under 1 year, people over the age of 65 and people who belong to this group due to illness. Among other, it is the vaccine against measles, pertussis, chickenpox and seasonal flu that will be mandatory. The employer has the right to terminate an employee who refuses to take the vaccine unless no other job can be offered where the employee does not come into contact with high risk groups.

On June 28, a new group was formed in the Parliament in Finland. Because of the thought that the Parliament is in need of a group that promotes the vaccination issue. “In connection with the social and health reform, we must ensure that vaccination coverage and vaccination protection for both children and adolescents and for the adult population is sufficient” says Rehn-Kivi, founder of the vaccination group. The group will act as a parliamentary discussion forum that promotes the social debate on vaccination issues. It will arrange different discussion occasions and highlight current vaccine issues. The group is open to all representatives of the Parliament  groups and consists of, apart from the Chairman Rehn-Kivi, Eeva-Johanna Eloranta (SDP), Merja Mäkisalo Ropponen (SDP), Aino-Kaisa Pekonen (VF), Sari Raassina (Saml), Martti Talja (C) and Sari Tanus (KD).


On May 10, the Swedish parliament decided on a report containing a number of different public health issues. What prompted a large proportion of the population to monitor this particular issue was that it contained several motions that would pave the way for both more vaccinations and forced vaccination. Among other things, Arkelsten’s motion on mandatory childhood vaccination was dealt with. NHF Sweden had written a letter with current legislation which makes it impossible to introduce compulsory vaccination as well as an example of the side effects that a cohort of Swedish children may receive when vaccinating them with the Priorix MPR vaccine, a GlaxoSmithKline product. Yor can read the letter in the pdf below.

Opinion on Sofia Arkelsten´s motion

The Swedish parliament said no to all of the public health issues. Just as the Social Committee stated in its report Socialutskottets Betänkande 2016/17:SoU7, The Swedish parliament said that the reason is primarily that public health work is being carried out in the areas covered by the motions.

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Il 10 maggio 2017 è una data che rimarrà importante per la libertà di scelta riguardo le vaccinazioni. In Svezia il…

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