The HPV-vaccine was lobed straight into our children – this is how it happened

Do you think the treatments that our children receive are carefully considered? That our doctors and researchers make sure that there is a need? That they have done long-term studies before a treatment is brought into our children? That vaccines given as preventive treatment to healthy children are more investigated just because they are given to healthy individuals? To children?

Resumé wrote an article titled “From nothing to success – in no time”. It was an article about GlaxoSmithKline’s effort, how they through classical lobbying, in a short space of time, managed to get an official decision that all twelve-year-old girls should be offered vaccination against cervical cancer. Johan Thor, Public Affairs Manager for GSK, became The Lobbyist of the year, 2008.

The jury of The Lobbyist of the Year motivated the choice:

“In their campaign to get HPV vaccine in the public vaccination program, they have brought other authorities, such as NGOs and political parties. The question came from nowhere, aroused from a none existing debate, but GlaxoSmithKline quickly set the agenda and pushed forward a decision on the matter. “

The article states, “But in January, a backslash: SBU, the State’s preparation for medical evaluation, argued on the DN debate that a mandatory vaccination should not be introduced.”

Actually, there was never a doctor, or healthcare, or medical authorities who ran this, there was no explicit need, it was just lobbying and policy. The fact that the HPV vaccine is the one vaccine in the childhood vaccination program that has the most side effects, is not the question here, nor that a lot of girls have been injured. Or that cervical cancer is not a big problem. And not that this was the first vaccine produced by genetic engineering, GMO – how many know it? All this is another story and will be dealt with in another article. Here we just want to show that what your daughter is injecting is more based on lobbying and politics than medicine and science.

“HPV vaccination really is not needed – it’s just lobbying” / VÄSTNYTT
The HPV vaccine has entered the Swedish childhood vaccination program more through hard lobbying efforts from GlaxoSmithKline than the benefit of the vaccine. This was debated by Västnytt already several years ago. In the report they are doubtful about the value of the vaccination, and a politician points out that this is more about effective lobbying from the pharmaceutical industry. The reporter don´t know what to say when Ingvar Karlberg tells that HPV vaccine is not really needed … See the video here:

Conflict of interest was not investigated in vaccine decisions


The highest vaccine bill is darkened – unacceptable
When the HPV-vaccine was approved in 2010 and started to be implemented in 2012, the cost was as great as all other vaccinations together; Between 200 and 300 million, the figure was stated.

The National Board of Health and Welfare is critical of the HPV conflicts of interests

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