France is the most skeptical country about vaccine safety

Vaccine confidence map
Credits: (Map) J. You/Science; (Data) Heidi Larson et al., EBioMedicine

The French had less confidence in the safety of vaccines than the residents of 66 other countries surveyed by researchers.

A team lead by anthropologist Heidi Larson of the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine conducted what it contends is “the largest survey on confidence in immunization to date,” interviewing more than 65,000 people. As the researchers report online inEBioMedicine today, 41% of respondents in France disagreed with the assertion that vaccines are safe. On average, just 12% of respondents in other nations disagreed with this statement. Read more:

In France there will be a big demonstration on 8 July, as France as Italy is also fighting against compulsory vaccination, the French people are fighting against 11 vaccines to be made mandatory.


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