Demonstrations against compulsory vaccination

MILLIONS are protesting in non-stop demonstrations all across Italy! They’re not only fighting for their own children, they’re fighting to make sure these heinous laws do not pass in other countries. Unity is an unstoppable force! Revisions to the Italian mandate have already been made thanks to these protests, yet Italy will not quit until there are no tyrannical mandates at all! Demonstrations have also been carried out in France, Hungary and Poland. In Sweden we have an internet based demonstration.


Video from Vaxxed, by Francesca Alesse


13 July 2017, Demonstration in Genoa

 12 July 2017, Demonstration in Taranto


 11-13 July 2017, Demonstration in Rome

8 July 2017, Demonstration in Pesaro

Below we see the Pesaro demonstration, 70 000 – 100 000 people united to fight the decret. 


Picture: Vaxxed

30 June 2017,  Torchlight Procession i Brescia

Togetherness, the sky will lighten up. A torchlight procession for free vaccination choice.
It is a peaceful event, bring no plates on stick. Wear white shirts, symbol for freedom.



30 June 2017, Trieste

30 June 2017,  Torino

Manu Spedicatos foto.

30 juni 2017,  Lodi

30 juni 2017, Demonstration i Siena

18 juni 2017, Demonstration in Rome (Lucrezia Moro mentions Sweden)

22 Juni 2017, Freevax event Naples 

23 juni 2017,  Pisa
“Freedom, Freedom, Freedom” Children feel protected in the arms of mothers. Protest against the compulsory vaccination.

24 JUNE 2017, Event in PADOVA  for vaccination freedom “Freedom, Freedom, Freedom”. Two to three thousand people went down the street to protest against the compulsory vaccination. We ask you to rise up and demonstrate with us in every country! We must show them that we are united for our kids’ health!!



8 July 2017, Demonstration in Strasburg

Info Vaccins Frances foto.


3 juni 2017,  in Poland demonstration against compulsory vaccines

Tens of thousands marching in the streets in Warsaw, “The state does NOT own our children!!!



16 September, 2017 in Berlin


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