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Two health freedom associations in Sweden had had enough of it and decided that something must be done!

Two health freedom associations in Sweden, National Health Federation Sweden and 2000-Talets Vetenskap [3rd Millennium Science], responded vigorously when it came to their knowledge that the situation of forced vaccination in Europe was as bad as it was. The associations knew that the medical elite in several countries around the world is fighting for compulsory vaccination. But when Italy – an EU country – was on the way to constitute very strict laws regarding this, then we felt that we had to act instantly! In the past, Finland had also adopted compulsive vaccination for some healthcare staff, and in Sweden two parliament motions regarding a compulsory childhood vaccination program had been filed by two parliamentarians. You also see this mandatory vaccinations agenda in France, Portugal and Poland.

The people, parents, do regarding their children not tolerate medical decisions to be taken over their heads. The fact that children are being injured by drugs but still must continue to submit to drug treatment is completely unacceptable, and it will in Italy now be accompanied by high fines and a risk of loss of custody. This is not only unacceptable as it also violates a number of laws and regulations. This must come to both parents’ and politicians’ knowledge.

We therefore want to launch a web-based demonstration, which we conduct through spreading and sharing our symbol – two hands breaking lose from a rope and which can be assumed as a profile picture in social media. We also support the petition that the EFVV has created about freedom of informed vaccination consent throughout Europe. It requires 1 million signature to force the EU in Brussels to bring this up on their agenda.

We are also collecting useful documentation – both on legislation and vaccines – in the struggle for free medical choices for us and for our children. The site currently supports English and Swedish text. Touch the flag in the menu to change language.

We want us citizens and members of health organisations within the EU to organize ourselves, we welcome associations in other EU countries to cooperate with us and we willingly cooperate with other associations working for the same goal as we do.


National Health Federation Sweden and 2000-Talets Vetenskap (3 thd Millenium Science)


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National Health Federation

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