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The question is simple, who is to decide over your children? You or Big Pharma? 

Different states are about to accept laws about compulsory vaccination. But actually the real issue do not adress if vaccination is dangerous or not, it´s not even about vaccinations at all. It is simply about who is to decide which pharmaceutical products your child will have. Is it the pharmaceutical industri along with the lobed politicians, or is it the parents who should decide?

If you think it’s you as a parent decides or that you as a parent should have something to say about, then it’s time to act now! If forced vaccination is allowed – it will pave the way for another compulsory medication.

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Italy has an agressive vaccination policy
Italy is the leading country in GHSA, Global Health Security Agenda, concerning vaccinations. Italy is about to take on a very aggressive vaccination policy. The new decree state that children have to get 12 different vaccines in order to go to school, presschool and day care. Parents who not comply will face fees up to 7, 500 euro, and can even be reported to Social Services and risk custody, the parental rights. Even already vaccine damaged children must be vaccinated because the only exception is severe anaphylactic shock. This upsets parents and that is why massive demonstrations in Italy, and the Italian people want you to join the demonstration. If the law goes through in Italy – it may happen in August – there is a great risk that other EU countries will follow and also assume similar laws. It is already fully lobbied for this throughout the Nordic region.

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Millions of Italians protest newly proposed vaccine mandate


It is easy to join the demonstrate and manifest your opinion and you can easily do it through your computer. Demonstrate on the net! Take a stand, and show that you are not allowing compulsory vaccination. This is about your childrens health and your children´s future. What will be next – the cholesterole vaccine that is developing? Or statins being added in the drinking water that actually US Health authorities have pushed for? Do not let our children be the property of the pharmaceutical industry as the industry can do whatever they want with, only they have lobbied their drug to politicians while you, as a parent, have nothing to say about it.

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Join the movement. Change your profile picture on social media to one of those pictures:

This pictures means: The parents have the choice when to give pharmaceuticals with risks to their children – it´s not the pharmaceutical companies or politicians

Freedom Europe, one people, one goal – stop the medical tyranny that completely takes the control over our children in Europe

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